Neutral Spanish Subtitling


DubbStudios offers subtitling services utilizing the expertise of our native translators to ensure the best quality for every project.

Graphic Customization
An important aspect of the language customization industry is the need to convert the graphics as well as the voices. In the area of children’s content especially, graphics are an important part of the content. DubbStudios provides specialized support in this area tapping into the expertise of our graphic design team.

Movie Trailers
When producing a movie (or adapting the language for a new audience) movie trailers and teasers are the number one tool that will drive the audience to your content.
Out of millions of videos watched online, trailers are on the top three most-watched category. What makes this type of content stand out? The perfect song or the catchy graphics will make your product shine among all others.
Our professionals are standing by to work with you and help you deliver the perfect trailer to your target audience.

Subtitling samples

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